Rafters of Koroška Region

Koroški splavarji

The company Vaš profit deals mainly with tourism, sales promotion and publishing. For their society Rafters of Koroška Region we perform FULL SERVICE. The rafters continue the centuries-old tradition of the Drava valley inhabitants with a genuine culinary and rich entertainment and music program.


Vaš profit


Social media

Logo renewal

Life is a circle

The basis of the logo is circle, which indicates perfection, integrity, oneness, time and nature. In a circle there are lines that flow in a vibrant manner indicating serenity and movement. They are separated so that one part illustrates wood, log trunk and earth and another part represents water or river.

It consists of a symbol and typography.

Typography reflects the image the organization wants to create in the eyes of the target public, which is presenting the traditonal in a modern way.


Time is like a river

We redesigned business cards, letter of correspondence and envelope. The overall look is corporate and traditional, yet modern.

Color environment

Brown: it is the color of the soil and it gives a feeling of strength. It stimulates feeling, such as belonging, especially to family and friends.

Blue: symbolizes calmness, stability, truth and purity. It is nostalgic – it connects everything in the present and the future into experiences of the past.

Promo material

Cultures grow on the vines of tradition

Offline marketing – print media is still extremely powerful. A well-designed printed material is a strong way to convert a potential client into a customer. When it comes to reflecting your digital branding in a printed material, the rule is to stick to the most recognizable elements of the digital branding – colors, typography and core design elements.


When tradition meets modern

Redesigning or creating a new website means getting more than a new look. It’s about having an all-in-one solution that gives your visitors exactly what they are asking for when they need it. That is why we kept it clean and simple. The emphasis is on images representing real happening, even though you watch in digital screen. We also developed reservation system for booking rafting experiences.


A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life

We wanted to present how rafters of Koroška region endeavour to bring the tradition closer to people, to make them experience old Slovenian customs, history and culture and to bring them closer together.

Social media

Go with the flow

Identity, consistency, and uniqueness – these are the three words we have in mind when we create content for Facebook and Instagram. We always try to present realistic happening (programs and events) to attract wider public.