When in doubt, go shopping

Velenjka is the largest shopping center in and around Velenje. It is a first thematic shopping center for women – a unique strategy in Europe, which primarily focuses on the needs of women. It provides “one-stop-shop” experience, which means that Velenjka offers not only shopping, but also pampering, food, inspiration, meeting and relaxing.


concept and strategy
conceptual design
CI redesign
magazine design
magazine print and distribution
center renovation
benefits card Velenjka


Velenjka Shopping Center

“Woman” concept

Who rules the world?

It’s true that “men go shopping to buy what they want, and women go shopping to find out what they want.” Men and women shop differently, consequently we had to change the whole philosophy of the center. Women like shopping, comparing and contrasting different options, it’s a hunt for them, and it’s a lot of fun. That is why we wanted Velenjka to become a place of well-being – inviting women to walk, stroll and pamper themselves, because this is what they want.

Shopping for women

First shopping center for women

CI redesign

Women create the future

We changed the name from Veleja park to Velenjka, which indicates that the shopping center is meant for women. We also redesigned the logo and the color scheme – purple and green, which is soothing, but not boring, and it reflects lifestyle and fashion. We also redesigned all print material – billboards, posters, magazine ads etc.

Center renovation

It’s not about the place, but about a feeling

We tranformed the center in a unique way in terms of colors (purple and green), shapes and light to make it more fashionable and attractive. We added resting islands – seating furniture with integrated sockets (possibility to use a laptop) to create a feeling of one being in his own living room. We put colorful lighting arrangements on the ceiling (large, round lights), as well as women portraits and famous women quotes on the walls.

Benefits card Velenjka

Shopping is a woman thing

Shopping with the Velenjka benefits card is an even better experience. It enables getting additional benefits and exclusive offers at the Velenjka Shopping Center. We created the software that recognizes the customer (after the card is read by a scanner) and reads the number of visits per visitor. The customer receives information on the current day-to-day offer from a particular shop, e.g. a discount coupon, a coffee invitation, a special birthday gift etc.


Dreaming with eyes open

We designed the whole magazine, everything from a concept (high quality, lifestyle magazine), writing texts, photoshooting and processing photos, creating ads, print and distribution (circulation: 50,000 – all households in and around Velenje).


No decision should be made on an empty shopping bag

When designing the website, we focused on lifestyle and fashion and we tried to emphasize the affordability of goods and services in the shopping center. We used CI colors, and made it simple, transparent, with attractive images and content for women. The main emphasis of the website was on the Velenjka card and its benefits to make the shopping experience even sweeter.